Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two Projects Completed!

My two major projects are finally completed and worn today!  I hope I can get this typed and the pictures loaded before the creme brulee is done--it's in the water bath in the oven now.  A special treat!

The teens looked very nice in their new clothes.  Here are the pics:

This was taken after they'd been worn awhile and both are linen, although the dress has some silk, too.  I guess it's the rumpled look.  haha  My dd beaded her pin plus some earrings as accessories.  Here are some close ups of those:

No matter how hard I try to enjoy the process of sewing, for some projects, I just cannot wait to be done with them!  This dress was one of them--made worse when I got the zipper stuck in the lining and had to undo and redo all the handsewing to the zipper since I'd sewn it too close.  arrggh!

Time to clean up my mess from this round and think about what's next--a smocked dress, a purse, a pincushion or a top for me?  Decisions, decisions!

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Julia said...

Great duds! I love that lavender dress!!! Your daughter's jewelry is fantastic!