Friday, March 19, 2010

And now for something completely different...

I thought I'd post about something a little different today to add variety.  We were working on making salad dressings today--a creamy blue cheese, ranch and Italian.  They take a little extra time and effort but we like them so much better than store bought!  Sometimes we do a tossed salad, just drizzling vinaigrette ingredients over the salad greens and tossing to coat.  The warmer weather feels more like lighter foods.  Spring!

I finished prepping an insert for smocking a dress for youngest dd.  I found some Little Mermaid fabric at walmart--not the nicest stuff in the world, but she will love the dress.  I even have a mermaid smocking plate that I got from a friend, so it should look really cute!  I'll see about posting pics next week.  The smocking part will take me awhile since I detest picture smocking and am slow about doing it. 

A great weekend to all!

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