Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Gifts 2011

Happy New Year to you all!  I got quite a bit of sewing done before Christmas to give away as gifts.  I had a few purses that I wanted to make, but I didn't get them done.  Too much going on, including illness #6, no it must be #5 because I think I have #6 right now.  I've never had so many cold, cough, and congestion type things in one single fall and winter.  It's become a joke.

I'm sorry to say that not only have I not blogged in forever and a day, I haven't even read a single blog in well over a month!  I've missed both, so it's good to (sorta) be back at it.  It might be slow going still, since I am really not joking about being sick so much.

This year, I made pillowcases and mailed them the week of Thanksgiving:

All were made as pairs, so 2 of each type.  A very underwhelming reception by the recipients, except for the pair that went to friends.  No more Christmas crunch sewing for me!  Bah humbug!

I had gotten a freebie tissue holder set to sew, so I made it up and gave it away.  Really easy and very cute!

I made a tote bag for my ds's Spanish teacher.  Wish I had taken the picture after I had sewn on the buttoms as they were perfect for the fabric!  This tote pattern is a freebie from a local shop and titled, "The 30-Minute Tote Bag".  I'll tell you now, it takes longer than 30 minutes!

Lastly, I made a table runner as a birthday gift.  It's called "The 10-Minute Table Runner" with good reason--that title is very accurate!

Before the holidays, I started on a pair of jeans.  They were set aside to work on the Christmas gifts, but they will be the first thing I finish this new year!  All that's left is the waistband, belt loops, and hemming.  More on those later.