Friday, April 25, 2014

The Perfect Tank Top

At the 2013 American Sewing Guild conference, I took Pamela Leggett's Perfect Tank Top class.  Great class--nearly finished the tank.  Great pattern, too.  Unfortunately, I shortened my straps a bit too much so the darts aren't positioned properly but that's easily fixed in subsequent versions.

Another thing that I did that I should not have done was used one of those Frixion pens for drawing on where the topstitching needed to be--I think it would look very poor if it wasn't exact since it must arc and curve upwards at the front straps.  The idea of marking the stitching line was appropriate, but my choice of tools was not.  I did not test it first since I'd used it before without a problem.  What I found here was that on a darker fabric, it left a shadow almost like a white line after I ironed it.

Due to both mistakes, I think I will just consider this a muslin!  Too much work to redo the straps AND figure out how to cover up those markings.

I really like the front v-neck.  Sorry for the poor picture!

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I have a current version of this tank that is almost ready to go.  It's one of those optimal sewing moments when you use virtually every last scrap of your fabric!  Isn't that always a terrific feeling?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mary Ray Skirt Class 2013

In June last year, our guild hosted Mary Ray as our evening program speaker, and as a teacher for a day long skirt class.  DD the youngest and I attended both events--super wonderful!  While I haven't achieved a skirt using Mary's technique, dd has!  I helped her a bit, since she'd never done French seams, hand basting (which she declared she loved!), waistbands or elastic.  

Styled with t-shirt.
I am playing catch up here so I can document and see what we've made. Apologies for tardiness and out of season!  I also hate, hate, hate the whole photo thing--taking them, editing, storage...pretty much all of it.  I hated it before the world of digital, too!  In all fairness, we/I didn't sew that much last year either so there wasn't much to post:(