Monday, November 29, 2010

Another PJ Set and a Proud Daughter!

My youngest dd finished her pajama pants!  I bought a plain, white t-shirt and she used some embroidery floss to weave through the picot edge at the top of the shirt to dress it up a little.  I had her do the front only so the neck opening would still stretch!  I'm not sure you can see the pink floss around the neck, but oh well!  It's there!

Here she is:

I think she's very proud of her accomplishment!  Since she's so young, we've tried to have very short sessions.  I did any pressing like turning up the hem and making the casing for the elastic.  Putting the elastic in the casing turned out to be difficult since the seams were pressed open, so I did that for her, too.  But, otherwise she did all the work!  She got a lot of practice maintaining the seam width while sewing and she got to use her 1/4" foot a bit.

Monday, November 15, 2010

PJ set complete!

Okay, here is one set of completed pj's!  The t-shirt is purchased and I added these bows that I had in the stash to the shirt and the pants.  The white eyelet at the bottom of the pants is also stash since youngest dd is taller than I estimated.  The pink polka dot fabric was a knit from my To Get Rid Of Pile at sewing guild (which obviously never happened) until it caught my eye for pj's! 

The only exciting thing about construction for these is that I serged the waist elastic to the edge of the fabric, then turned it under and topstitched.  It looks more RTW that way and it should keep the elastic from turning and twisting like it does when you make a casing. 

Based on the squeals I heard, these are a hit!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where Have I Been??

Dear Readers,

Thank you to the people who still take the time to check this blog for posts!  I appreciate it and the comments on my last post.  Thank you!

When I started this blog, I wanted it as a record of what I sewed and as an incentive to sew more.  Well, I have definitely accomplished the first but not so much the second!  I'm sorry for the long break (saying that to myself, too!).  That includes all the sewing blogs that I have not read--I've missed doing that!

Have I accomplished anything in the sewing world?  Not a great deal personally, but rather a lot as a facilitator.  Several months ago, our local sewing guild began a local community sewing project which I posted about here and here .  I'm happy to report that we surpassed our goal of 500 blankets for the babies and children at our local hospital!  That was really cool--and I think we will continue to get more.  Those blankets have at various moments taken over my sewing room which thankfully didn't matter much due to the lack of sewing!

My youngest dd has sewed a small amount on her flannel pj bottoms.  I finished one pair of knit pj bottoms and started on another pair.  Not very exciting, but it is something.  I'll see about posting pictures next post--which will be soon! 

Future plans are to go slowly and finish sewing the last pair of pj pants.  Then, it will be on to youngest dd's Christmas dress and binding the edges of the Christmas tree skirt.  So much for the pink wool and the Dalmatian dress.  My sewing room also needs some cleaning up partly due to all the blankets and partly due to grabbing and running then not putting things away!  Oops!

So, what have I been doing since I haven't been sewing?  The usual things that most people w/ kids do and some extras--some fun and some not so much.  The girls participated in a fashion show (neat because the lady sews all the wedding and bridesmaids dresses herself--and designs them), toured a couple of colleges, watched lots of Lego robotics stuff, finished soccer season (yippee!), and gotten new stair treads (great now, not so great during the process since they can't be used for a day each time they get a coat of polyurethane!).  Plus the very time consuming process of having temper tantrums so my dd and dh would work on dd's transcript stuff and my own diligent work (or not very diligent at times) on course descriptions to supplement the transcript.  haha.  Just proofreading all that is quite a bit of work....and left my eyes too tired to even think about reading sewing blogs so you know it was bad!

Onto the relaxing holidays!  (Did I really say that???  Did I really mean that?  NO.)

Sorry for the lack of pictures!