Monday, November 15, 2010

PJ set complete!

Okay, here is one set of completed pj's!  The t-shirt is purchased and I added these bows that I had in the stash to the shirt and the pants.  The white eyelet at the bottom of the pants is also stash since youngest dd is taller than I estimated.  The pink polka dot fabric was a knit from my To Get Rid Of Pile at sewing guild (which obviously never happened) until it caught my eye for pj's! 

The only exciting thing about construction for these is that I serged the waist elastic to the edge of the fabric, then turned it under and topstitched.  It looks more RTW that way and it should keep the elastic from turning and twisting like it does when you make a casing. 

Based on the squeals I heard, these are a hit!


Julia said...

So sweet and soft!

MushyWear said...

Adorable and feminine.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! The lil' one is going to be the bell of the ball (or Christmas morning, as it were)!