Thursday, July 1, 2010

Small Update

First, our local sewing guild's blanket community service project, has resulted in almost 200 hundred completed blankets, with another bunch cut out and ready to finish so we're nearly halfway to the goal of 500.  Here are some finished blankets from the sew-in:

I think youngest dd takes pretty good pictures considering her age and that she had never taken a picture before!  She came and helped, doing odds and ends like picking up scraps from cutting and folding completed blankets.  Oldest dd helped as well, working mostly at cutting out blankets--lots of them.  She also got to use a serger for the first time!  Fun!

DH has enjoyed the new sewing machine and has already completed an apron for himself on it.  I'll have to get a picture of him wearing it.  He's also stitched up a dog bed, but still needs to do the cover for it.  One of us had to do something with the enormous bag of stuffing we bought!

And there was MORE!  This is after stuffing one rather large dog bed!  It's really soft and fluffy, not like regular polyfill.  We should get a few more dogs beds out of it, don't you think?  This picture really doesn't do the bag size justice!

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MushyWear said...

Glad to see the blankets piling up. You all have made a lot so far. I'll bet the dogs are loving the new bed. When we had a Boston Terrier, he always tore up every bed I made. Hope your "spots" are more well behaved!