Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Purple Plum Scraps

I left you last with a teaser picture of some of the remaining Purple Plum fabric.  First, I made Simplicity 9958, a simple pair of boxer shorts for dh.  They were quick and easy for the most part.  I had to be careful because of the silk dupioni fabric--all that fraying!  I didn't like the way the crotch seam came together which was a combination of the fabric, trying to make sure all the edges were finished to prevent fraying, and the fly opening transition into the CB seam.  I've heard that Jalie and Kwik Sew have some good boxer shorts patterns, so next time I will try and locate one of those!

Next, my teaser picture showed the Purple Plum fabric being reworked to make a purse!  I mostly made it up as I went along, but had googled free purse patterns and loosely followed Make a Pleated Pouch Bag by Threads Magazine.  It's mostly a rectangle of  fabric with the side seams sewn and boxed.  I lined it which took care of finishing the top, added the ruffled which has raw edges, and added a snap inside of it.

That left me with next to nothing of the lovely Purple Plum fabric!   Nice feeling.  While I was on a roll making purses, I thought the floral dress made using McCall's 6123 needed a matching bag, too.  So I made another one, but quilted it!  I've never quilted anything before and I guess seeing so much quilted stuff around has rubbed off on me.  haha  On the small floral, I followed a white line stopping at each flower hoping  that the flowers would stand out a little bit.  I hardly had any of the large floral left, so I knew I couldn't use it as my main fabric.  It didn't lend itself very well to my geometric, straightline quilting, so instead I tried to pick out white spaces in the flowers and along some of the greenery to quilt.  I think the effect is rather dainty.  If I'd had more time, a few beads would've been lovely on the large floral, too.  No pattern, just sewed the side seams, boxed the bottom and thought it all out as I went along--took a little thought on how to attach the cover but it seemed to work!

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Awesome work on the handbags!