Saturday, July 31, 2010

Preparing for ASG Conference Class 'The Little Black Dress'

Deadlines.  It's a word I personally don't use much any more since I haven't worked outside the home in a long time.  But, wow, this year is certainly a year for LOTS of deadlines and no matter how hard I try to stay on top of things, it still leaves me feeling slightly frantic (or should that be frenetic?).

One of those deadlines that's upcoming is preparing for the American Sewing Guild Conference!  Very exciting since I'm sure I won't be going again any time soon.  I chose mostly full day classes since I'd really like to expand my horizons and try things I've never done jeans and bras.  Blessedly, those classes have easy prep--show up with a few items for the most part. 

The only class that has quite a bit of prep beforehand is The Little Black Dress with Susan Khalje.  I'm really anxious excited about it!  We had to choose a pattern for our dress--which I think has been the absolute hardest part!  Pattern selection is usually kinda fun--all fantasy and imagination--which probably explains why I have more patterns than finished products from them!  But choosing THE pattern for a LBD--well.  I guess it's because I want it to be perfect since I know I will have Susan's help getting the muslin to fit just right and it will be a never again repeated opportunity.

So after much agonizing and pouring through the various pattern companies' websites plus the suggestions that Susan sent for patterns, I chose this Butterick 5459:

That would be View C, the middle picture, not the coat views!  I wanted something classic, with a seam at the waist (so I might look like I have a waist), with the waist seam above the waist (so it might actually appear to be smaller), and some darts or princess seams for shaping, but nothing too complicated because then it runs the risk of being trendy.  I also liked Butterick 5396 for all the same reasons I chose B5459, but it came down to a neckline thing--round neck or v-neck?  Although, B5396 does have those nice princess seams in front and back...see?  Who knows?  I might still change my mind!  Once my muslin is cut out and basted together, that will be IT!  No more going back and forth since that muslin has to go to Atlanta with me!

See?  Pattern agonizing is a ton of work.  I'm not generally a waffle-y type of person, but this has been a major piece of indecision for me!  Silly!

Even more silly since I know I'll have plenty of help--I've gotten wonderful, helpful emails from Susan (how does she have time?) about our prep for the class.  And what I learn in fitting this dress, no matter which one it is, I can carry over to future dresses.

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