Friday, July 30, 2010

The Merry Christmas Tree Skirt

I signed up for a one day sew-in class with our sewing guild.  I've always wanted a Christmas tree skirt and I figured that having an all day class would help get one completed.  Years and years ago, I started a candlewicked one.  Remember that?  Ecru on ecru, using pretty simple stuff like muslin for the fabric.  Anyway, that's sat around as a work in progress but never completed.  It's even survived a dog's gnawing. 

A local lady designed the pattern you see above and instructed the class.  I was a little worried at first since I've NEVER quilted or pieced anything!  (Well, a little crazy patch for a pillow and that floral bag, does that count?)  I went to one of our local quilt shops and got this:


I was truly thankful for the help I received in choosing the fabrics--who knew it was so complicated for quilting?  Movement, no movement, sparkle, no sparkle (that one was easy!  a little sparkle is good), thinking about pattern repeats and how it will look when cut....and the list could go on.

Class day came and it was great!  (Minus the feeling of urgency for these other sewing project deadlines that are looming over my head!  But once I started that evaporated quickly.)  The instructor circulated around the room and I didn't have a bit of trouble with all those log cabin squares.  I got 4 of the ivory/green combo totally completed:

And got the rest started.  Those need to wait for some other project deadlines to be completed first, but I think it will be easy to pick up and start working again.  I hope to be done by Christmas, too!  Wouldn't that be great?  Plus I got a name of a local lady who quilts these for $35!  Seems like a bargain to me and I'll be paying someone else to do that part for sure! 

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MushyWear said...

I've always wanted to make my own Christmas tree skirt too. I like traditional colors like you've chosen. Looks like it is coming along nicely and $35.00 to quilt it does sound like a great bargain.