Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It came!

Well, I am so excited that the fabrics I ordered for the Simplicity 2497 dress came AND that they're beautiful!  Living in an area devoid of fabric shopping, except for quilt shops and Joann's, makes mail order the way to go...sorta.  I mean, you really don't know what you're getting until you get it or want to buy a swatch (or get the swatch and the sale is over or get the swatch and the fabric is sold out!). 

Anyway, I ordered from Vogue Fabrics this time.  I seem to be trying out as many places as possible.  I bought silk dupioni.  It's called 'Risk' which is totally unhelpful.  The web site says it is "...Woven with a mauve warp & a denim-blue weft."  The picture looked good and it was a choice between this and another purpley looking one whose coordinating Ambiance lining seemed to be out of stock or an aqua (one of my favorite colors, but maybe a little too light and bright for evening wear--who am I kidding?  It would not matter since I just ordered a deep lavender/periwinkle!)

I think this is darker in real life, but I really like it!  yippee!  And it is so much heavier than what I was seeing at Joann's.  I almost broke down and bought one of their limited selection of silk dupioni--white, black, reddish, or brown.  Glad I didn't.  This is so much nicer and I have some nice Ambiance lining to coordinate. 

I needed some rayon for one of the classes at the sewing guild's national conference, so I bought this:

I think it's darker than the picture, too.  Even better though, I love it!  I only need a little bit of it for the class and I can see a blouse or casual shirt using the rest of it.  Good weight and very soft!  $2.99/yard which made it even better!

The quest for fabric for Simplicity 2497 is over, so I had best finish up the floral A-line dress, McCall 6123, so I can get busy on that great silk!

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MushyWear said...

I love the color of the silk. Can't wait to see it all made up!