Saturday, July 3, 2010

McCall's 6123

While I'm waiting for the fabric for Simplicity 2497, I decided to go on and start McCall's 6123.  I already had the fashion fabric for it:

Pardon the wrinkles, that's the next step!  The picture doesn't have the colors quite right either.  These are quilting cottons from one of our local quilt shops, about the only fabric shopping left in my area besides Joann's.  I'm making View D, the dress in the center right.  Here's the pattern:

I decided to tissue fit this one.  Pretty straightforward adjustments:  adding 1/2" to the center front when it's cut on the fold rather than a FBA (per the pattern since the center is gathered), a dart in each side of the back bodice at the waist (there was a ton of fabric back there!), and a slight straightening of the CB curve in the bodice.  That last was causing the neckline to gap slightly away from the back of my neck and since I don't usually need a high round back adjustment, this should work.  That center back seam was really curved.  I didn't need a forward shoulder adjustment though according to the tissue fit and once I basted the seams and tried it on, yes, I did need that.  So, I'll try and adjust that as much as possible w/ the seam allowance I have.  In any event, it will fit a lot better than RTW!  Adding that extra 1/2" to the CF and with all those gathers looks like an extra boob...I'm hoping the weight of the skirt plus lining the bodice will help that since it's certainly very undesirable!

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Julia said...

I love your fabric choices! The pattern is really nice. Can't wait to see this finished.