Thursday, March 4, 2010

Butterick 5277 continued

It always amazes me at how busy the week becomes.  I went to the ASG's smocking neighborhood group yesterday and got the buttons sewn on my son's shirt.  Tonight was another sewing guild meeting.  Plus all the other things that life has to offer!  I have spent a good deal of time working on the muslin for my daughter's dress, Butterick 5277.  For some reason, it was giving me a lot of trouble--I think it is the raglan sleeve.  As I had originally pinned the dart in front I realized it would not work since it went off to the underarm/side seam/sleeve intersection.  Today I moved it up and it fits perfectly!    I'll need to work on cutting out the real goods either tonight or tomorrow.  That will be delightful--I have a silk/linen blend from  If you've never tried them before, please do!  Free generously sized swatches and super fast shipping.  Not to mention the great quality, too.  (And, no, I'm not affiliated w/ emmaonesock--this was my first order and I love the quality!)

Moving along, I'll post a final picture of my son in his new shirt as soon as I go buy more buttons--need one more! and remove the lovely blue marks which are truly so helpful but don't look great.  Also, I realized that I forgot to mention the idea for the cipher that I put into his shirt came from a post (think it was in January) by  My son had already done a cipher of his name ages and ages ago and had had it made into a stamper.  I just looked at what he'd done and transcribed it to his shirt.

In the very short time I've been blogging, I've realized that I always have more ideas than time and energy and like to hop around from one project to the next entirely too much!  No wonder I wind up w/ UFO's!  I've made a real effort to finish anything I start over the last couple of years and I have gotten better at it.  However!  I could be a lot better about bringing new things home before I've cleared more/some projects first!  It is hard to do--sew many ideas!  At the present, my son's shirt is still "out there", dd's dress, cupcake pincushions for a class later this spring, 2 kits from (another great resource I just found!  Wonderful fabric!  Can you tell I'm frustrated by the lack of local sources?) plus some silk dupioni gingham for an AS&E project and the 2 purse fabrics I bought last week.  Yeah, definitely need to slow down on the incoming!  That doesn't count the ideas percolating for youngest dd birthday and the urge to go buy lots of red paint for the living room!

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