Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tired of Cutting Out

Okay, enough already with cutting this Butterick pattern out!  I've done 3 muslins so far.  Very satisfying to know that it fits and all that.  Then I go to do the real stuff and realize that I get to cut it all out again 3 more times--the lining, the underlining, and the fashion fabric!  I guess it isn't all that bad (but it it when you think too hard about it and count the number of times!) since I know the dress will fit well.  I also made the decision to underline it--but that should pay off in the long run.  Here's a picture of the underlining and fashion fabric, both pinned and handstitched together:

I have all the lovely blue marking on the underlining (at least I don't have to mark all 3 layers!  Just the lining and fashion fabrics!) plus the pins and the basting stitches.  I am using silk thread for the basting.  Pretty enjoyable stuff, wish it were more readily available.  Should make pulling it out much easier, too.  I still have more hand basting to do, but am nearly finished and then on to the sewing!  And the clock is ticking...!  Nothing like a little pressure to get it done.

I got a little sidetracked today because my ds had asked me to learn to knit.  We picked out yarn at Michael's yesterday.  Really lovely and very, very soft organic cotton with a little lumpiness about it for texture.  Here he is practicing on some from my stash:

He's caught on very fast, I must say!

Here's a little teaser picture of dd with her work-in-progress beaded accessory for her finished dress (it's held up to her muslin).  I think it's going to look stunning!  The dress itself might have other "accessorizing", but we'll have to see!

Finally, to tell or not to tell?  Dd doesn't know what dd, ds, dh, etc.  So she and her db figured dd must be ditzy daughter, etc.  You know, in this day and age of texting thumbs, I think I'll let them figure it out themselves, what do you think? 

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Cindi said...

LOL, I like ditzy daughter for mine...oops did I say that! The dress is going to be beautiful!