Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Mermaid for a Mermaid

I have completed preparations for the Little Mermaid project.  It's nice to have some handwork to do while waiting on the kids or relaxing in the evenings.  It will take me awhile to get this done since I really hate picture smocking...but this was so cute and the youngest dd likes it a lot.  I'll try not to whine and complain too much while working on it!  Here's all the stuff:

I'm not entirely committed to the pattern yet.  It would be nice to sew up something different in a girl's smocked dress.  Plus this pattern is more modern than the classic smocked dresses and variety is good!

Here's a more classic smocked dress.  You can never go wrong with these, that's for sure!

That's the Basic Square Yoke Dress pattern by Chery Williams and the dress front all completed.  It was smocked using "Karen" by Ellen McCarn.  I need to decide dress details--embroidery on the collar, no collar, sleeves, lace or not, etc.  Lots of decisions after the smocking!

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Julia said...

Whatever you come up with for the little mermaid will be perfect.