Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Simplicity Knit Top

I finished, more or less, the muslin for the Simplicity knit top.  The front crossover really stretched out of shape and drooped rather strikingly in the front--not pretty at all.  I think part of that is operator error--not used to sewing on knits plus I should've recognized that it needed stabilizing.  The top seems to be big, too, at least in the front.  The neckline is way too low, although it would look good w/ a cami or tank underneath.  I may actually try and salvage the muslin by taking in the side seams and tightening up the crossover to give me a chance to wear it a little.  The back fit pretty well and the sleeves were fine.  All in all, a good practice piece!  I learned to be less afraid of sewing knits (thank you serger!) and that they are forgiving.  It would be really easy to take a favorite knit top and trace it to make another one (I think). 

We'll see where that goes...I think it is time to resume sewing for youngest dd.  The blue dress and Dalmatians await!


Little Hunting Creek said...

Ann at Gorgeous Things did a post on making this top and stabilizing the wrap edges with elastic to snug it up so there is no gapping - maybe you could try that?

sewing spots said...

Good suggestion. I will look at the Gorgeous Things blog before trying another one! Thanks!