Monday, March 29, 2010

The Dalmatians

Here's another completed smocked insert:

With buttons on the side.  Please don't think I'm that prolific with either my sewing or my smocking, because I'm not!  I started this insert years ago for oldest dd and a smaller one for ds, but never finished them.  I think I already mentioned how much I love to picture smock!  Not!  Not wanting to rush things, I finally finished the smocking on this one last summer during baseball season.  It was agony, too.  I hate doing all those fidgety details on picture smocking.  I don't really know why either since I like to embroidery and that can certainly be full of fidgety details. 

Now I need to decide which pattern to use--Elsa by Maja's Heirlooms or the Basic Square Yoke by Chery Williams.  I'll use it with the red micro checked gingham that is pictured in the background.  I wish I had more of the solid red--I think it is Imperial broadcloth--but since I don't, I'll just need to work on using up the micro check!  Oh, and the smocking plate was in Sew Beautiful, either Spring or Summer 1995.  I told you this was an old project!


Slipstitches said...

Awesome work in that pic, I love it!

sewing spots said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You did a beautiful job. I have that magazine and will do it someday. I hope mine turns out as nice