Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snoop Shopping

Perhaps I should say 'Idea Shopping' rather than 'Snoop Shopping' because somehow the latter sounds illegal to me at the moment.  Anyway, in shopping at our local mall, I went into the Ann Taylor Loft store and immediately saw a couple of dresses that I liked.  I tried them on and still really liked them, or should I say the idea of them! 

Wish I could get these pics the same size, but I can't!  Anyway, I just liked the wrap dress a lot.  It's made out of a lightweight cotton and was more flattering that I thought it'd be--except for the gaping neckline when I tried it on!  So, yes, I need to look for a pattern like this!  The next dress was a super soft knit and I loved the navy color and the bling at the neckline.  That was probably my favorite of the two.  The back was deeply scooped and had a wide grosgrain ribbon tie.  Kinda neat and different but not very practical if you want to wear a bra!

When I started blogging, I wanted to mostly be able to see what I'd planned and what I'd done.  I know I always have more ideas running around in my head than I'll ever have time to make.  I also thought this might be good stash control:)  However, I've had some other good insights from this.  First, wait until your brain is awake before typing so you can spell!  haha!  Second, most of the blogs I enjoy reading are about the clothes the blogger sews for herself--the fitting, the frustration, the happiness, and the success.  So I think I need to work more in that direction and see what happens!  I like to sew for the kids, but since I got into smocking many years ago, I have a tendency to want to decorate everything in some way with some form of embroidery!  That takes me forever sometimes, but at least if I'm sewing for myself I won't have outgrown it by the time it's finished!  The final insight is to stop making little stuff!  In many ways, it is nice to complete a project in a short amount of time.  But the flip side to it is that it does not necessarily fulfill a need either to create or to wear! 

That's it for the morning philosophy!

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Slipstitches said...

I really like this post. Those dresses are "keyyuute". I hope you make that first one here so I can follow along. That would make a really nice LBD to greet dh in when he comes home from work.