Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Easy It Is to Stash

I took oldest dd to one of the local quilt shops where she promptly selected 2 sets of fabric to make Mini Bow Tucks purses.  It is expensive to 1.) have teenagers and 2.) to be in charge of programs for your sewing guild!  Here are her fabrics (which seem to be on the way to easy it is!):

Pardon the wrinkles!  She's washed her fabric, but obviously hasn't ironed it yet!


Julia said...

I love the fabrics!!! Teens are expensive!!! There is something they need money for all the time!!! College is even worse, though!!!! Whew! mine are on their own now!!

kbenco said...

Do you mean she doesn't raid your stash, but has her very own? I must try to encourage that at our house. It does sound expensive!

Cindi said...

Love the fabrics! The bag was not hard to make. I was thinking of making another when my teenager ask me how many purses did one woman need. Oops, I just haven't found the perfect one yet.