Friday, April 2, 2010

A Fabulous Day...

It is just a fabulous day here--a beautiful spring day!  It promises to be more like a very hot summer day, but it is so welcome after what seemed like the longest winter ever.  I planted 5 azaleas this morning with the kids.  Dd loved having an earthworm tickle her hand and was reluctant to return it to the ground.  They are neat little things that are underappreciated.  Perhaps we can even get some mulch soon for around the azaleas and to cover up the corn that our neighbors (???) have put in our yard to feed the deer--very annoying, since it also attracts crows!  And whose yard is it anyway?

Since it is supposed to be so hot today, it felt good to get a little gardening done this morning because that leaves the afternoon open for sewing time!  I've been working on the light blue dress and have gotten the piping done.  Hope ya'll enjoy the weekend!  Happy Easter!

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