Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Knits

I took a run to Joann's and picked up some of their sale patterns.  I wanted one more Vogue pattern but they had this HUGE gap in pattern numbers.  When I asked about it thinking that they might have them in the back, I was told no they just don't have them.  I've read on other sewing blogs about having a hard time finding patterns in stock at Joann's and the value of mail ordering them.  I might need to ponder that some more!

Here's what I picked up:

First up, this looked like a great everyday summer top pattern with lots of variations.  It's McCall's 2818, a Palmer/Pletsch.

This is Vogue 8182.  I liked it as a summer church dress and for those all too seldom date nights!

Vogue 1091--Yes, for knits!  It looked cool and comfy for hot summer days.  I used to wear dresses a lot more than I do now.  I think it's time to enjoy them again.  And it's a knit!  Here's what I got to sew it up, a rayon/lycra in a deep teal (the pic looks more turquoise to me):

They really don't have much for knits there and the quality is poor--I noticed this one had holes in it before it was cut.  I just hope there aren't more that I had not noticed!  I definitely need to explore other fabric shopping options. 

Finally, an insane moment.  The kids' piano recital this year features Disney music.  The teacher suggested it might be fun for the students to dress like a character in their song.  Well, it seemed like a great idea at the time and now reality is looking me in the face.  We'll see if I can pull off a blue Giselle dress from the movie 'Enchanted'.  Roger from '101 Dalmatians' will be MUCH easier!

Now, off to hem that lavender t-shirt!

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Julia said...

I love that green dress pattern! I love making costumes, and I think it is a really fun idea for them to wear something from their song. I'm anxious to see what you come up with.