Friday, April 9, 2010

Basic Square Yoke

To answer kbenco's question, my daughter only has a small stash.  She does raid mine but since it is stored in a big old trunk, it isn't very accessible.  Plus I don't really stash quilting cottons since I don't quilt.  I guess that's a blessing, since it's one less category to acccumulate!  We won't discuss the home dec stash...!

Slow and steady goes the sewing.  Life has been busy so I've only had time to sew a few minutes here and there on the blue dress.  I am pleased that I've made progress although it is slow!  However, I am also making slow but steady progress on sanding walls--a yuck job, but someone has to do it.  Wallpaper stripping is easy, but you never know what you'll find after it's off.  I found I still had lots of glue stuff.  This happened on my last project, too.  So I sanded and then primed the walls (and the  paint has stayed on so I guess that worked!).  I only have 1 wall left on the foyer now!  yippee! 

The Random Automatic Pruners, otherwise known as deer, have made several swipes at my poor, pitiful azaleas so that this is all that's left:

sigh.  A little spray from the home improvement store and they seem to be leaving them alone...for now.

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Julia said...

So far our deer stick to eating the apples on our one apple tree. We love them coming into the yard. If they start eating my azaleas I might not welcome them though.