Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got 'Er Done! (Almost)

Yes!  I did get some sewing time in yesterday after lunch.  It was wuuunderful after the stress of the clogged kitchen sink.  Sorry to bore ya'll with real life issues!  I did get all but the sleeve and bottom hems done on the Simplicity knit top yesterday.  I wish the fabric was a little heavier, but it is so soft and silky like butter it's an okay trade off!  And it fits pretty well without any adjusting!  Here it is on the dummy:

Wow, that dummy makes me look slim.  I like it.  haha  I got really excited to be able to nearly finish a project in an afternoon that I pulled out the rest of the knits I have.  They were all given to me by people who know I sew...not sure at all about their quality.  Quite a bit of polyester, but since I'm still new to sewing knits, I might go on and work them up.  That makes me sound like a snob, but I really do like natural fibers since they breath so well when you wear them. 


Cindi said...

Oh, so sorry about your sink. I am glad you got that fixed. You did so great on that shirt, you will have to give me tips if and when I ever try knit.

Julia said...

so pretty! I want to touch it!