Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts on Spring Sewing and a Question

I realize that most sewists in the northern hemisphere are focused on cold weather sewing right now.  For some odd reason my mind had an image of this fabric from my stash pop up (and it wasn't wrinkled when I thought of it, but I guess that's what stashing in an antique trunk does):

  My sincere apologies for the way this thing photographed!  It is a bright pink pique with white daisies embroidered on it.  I originally bought it to make youngest dd a dress, but realized that I bought a lot.  Mother/daughter dresses???

For dd:

I just recently made this pattern into a Christmas dress for her.  Super quick and easy.  I think the short sleeved version with a white ribbon at the bodice and skirt seam would work for this pique.

For me there are 2 choices:

Butterick 5455, a Maggy London dress, that lists pique as a suggested fabric!  View A with white piping?  Or just plain as in View B?

I made this dress last summer.  It's McCall 6123 and all altered and ready to be used.

But should I?  Would this pique look terrible made up for an adult?  Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Little Hunting Creek said...

I think that the pique would look wonder in the Butterick. So pretty and fresh!

MushyWear said...

I think this fabric would be a very nice spring/summer dress for you. The Butterick with the white piping sounds perfect.

Summerset said...

Well, I think your answer has to do with how you feel about it and you'd feel wearing it. If you like it and are confident about it, then make it up! Another option is to make a skirt for yourself, which would coordinate with your daughter, but not be so matchy-matchy. You could then wear either white or yellow with it and get quite a few different looks with the accessories.

Anonymous said...

I FEEL like an adult (jury is still out on whether or not I actually am) and I have pique summer dresses!! A black and white one, a teal one, a flowery get the picture. I think it'd be adorable! Just think about the FANTASTIC mother daughter pictures you could take! YUM!