Thursday, February 17, 2011

Intermission and a Little Bit of Sewing

We had a small family intermission.  Here's a peek at a small project our family worked on prior to our annual family vacation to Walt Disney World:

In the sink and ready for the big reveal!

My shirt - back

My shirt - front

DH Shirt
Youngest DD's shirt

Oldest DD's shirt

DS's shirt

Notice all the clever hidden Mickey Mouse outlines on the shirts.  That was DH's work--he tied them all and was able to get the Mickeys on them all in various places.  I thought they were neat!  We have a front loading washing machine and I don't think the dye is as crisp as I used to get when we had a top loading machine. 

The only sewing involved was shortening the top I bought for oldest dd.  It was nearly dress length!  Her comment once I'd rehemmed it was that hem looked just like it did before--well, yeah!

Many thanks to the input on my last post.  I have definitely decided to make the pique into the Butterick pattern.  I've been working on that since we got home.  We have some changes for youngest dd, but more on that later!

Here I thought that blogger had made it easier to upload photos only to realize that it all looks wacky when you preview it!  I sure hope I have it fixed or this is going to look strange!  Sorry!

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Anonymous said...

Cute Cute Cute!! I hope you all had FUN :)