Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sewing Patterns

Who can resist buying patterns for $0.50 each?  Even when they are majorily crammed into the pattern drawers?  Despite the fact that there are hoards of empty drawers so they could be spread out just a little more? 

Our local Joann's is closing and relocating into a bigger space later this year so they have stopped getting new patterns and are clearing out all their old ones.  The rest of the store is very picked over and so are the patterns, but I still managed to get quite a few!

Men's Patterns:

Butterick 3101
McCall 2149

 I wish I'd looked more carefully at the line drawings for these since neither one of them has a back yoke.

Patterns for the girls:

McCAll 3586
 We seriously considered making oldest dd a swimsuit (and, of course, a matching one for the youngest!) last year because had some beautiful swimsuit fabric AND it's probably one of the few ways you can save money when you sew. Just in case they have it again, we will be prepared!

McCall 5573
I thought this just looked like a cute girl's pattern for summer.  And for fifty cents, who could pass it up?

Patterns for me:

McCall 2874
I liked the short bias cut skirt, the jackets and the slim trousers.

McCall 3830

I needed/wanted a basic skirt pattern and I think this one will do very well!

McCall 5050
A peasant top--not sure about this one, but it looks cool for summer!

McCall 5138
Looks like a nice classic blouse.

McCall 5859
I liked the short sleeved jacket on this!

McCall 5879
A comfortable summer dress using the wide strap options?

McCall 5974
Obsessed with wrap dresses!

McCall 6031
A LOT shorter and this might make a cute knit top!

McCall 6032
Nice neck line details and a possible comfy knit summer dress?

McCall MP308
Not sure entirely why I got this, but I did like the jacket at the lower right corner!

Vogue 7906
You can never have too many blouse patterns!


Julia said...

Wow! You have some great patterns, there. You can cut a yoke for those men's shirts.

Anonymous said...

I have a whole host of patterns that I picked up "on sale" or "just because" (Now, wouldn't it be nice if I knew what to do with them?) but I didn't get them for $0.50! Looks like you've got some fun sewing in front of you!!