Saturday, February 26, 2011

Les Fabriques and Swimsuit Fabric

Would you believe (I couldn't!) that I found swimsuit fabric not long after finding the swimsuit pattern in my last post?  I was fortunate enough to travel to Charlottesville, VA, recently to Les Fabriques.  A great fabric store which specializes in fashion sewing fabrics although they do carry quite a variety, including some for kids and some quilting cottons.  There were some very nifty handbag patterns created by a local lady.  They also have a LOT of classes, even quite a few for kids.

Anyway, I found not one but two swimsuit fabrics that the girls liked (isn't sending a picture using your phone very useful?).  They were even on clearance!  I figured that I would have to wait until more spring/summer fabrics came out.  I remember that had some beautiful swimsuit fabric last year, so I had been waiting to see what they would have this year.

I need to find a girl's swimsuit pattern I like and get it before I start on this.  I also need to check my supplies and make sure I have elastic for this project, but I think it will be fun and one of the few ways to save money when you sew!  Here's what I found:

The top fabric is the real fabric and I got the solid to use as an accent.  This was my favorite!

Really bright PINK!  This was youngest dd's pick because she is on a pink kick right now.  I don't think the girls realized how very bright it is based on the picture I sent to them.  Oh well!  I still think it will make a cute suit.

McCall 3566
Here's the pattern I'll probably use for oldest dd.

More on other sewing later.  I've been hard at work on a project which I'll share later.


Anonymous said...

Sewing stretchy fabric seems like it is just asking to be a nightmare! YIKES! I can't wait to see the suits though-I'm sure they'll be precious!

Shannon said...

Great fabric finds! I'm impressed already because swimsuit sewing intimidates me. I can't wait to see your finished suits!

MushyWear said...

Very pretty fabrics. I love the top combo too. I can understand a love for pink. Though I don't wear it often, I'll always admire the color.