Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Dress 2010

In my last post, I forgot to add a link so you could see what a Mini Bow Tucks bag is.  Shannon, of the blog MushyWear, kindly drew my attention to that so I went back and added the link.  These purses are so much the rage in our area that I forgot that not everyone knows what they are!  Even so, I have not made one yet, I just have the pattern ;)

Posts have been few and far between this month.  I feel like a pharmacy--we have had so much illness I think all I've done is dispense medicines.

However, I did get the youngest dd's Christmas dress, McCall's 9534, which is out of print, completed. 

You must pardon the pose and the tights!  Apparently, she learned the pose from a fashion designer game.  The tights were such a struggle to get on the right way this morning to wear with another dress there was no way she was changing them for the picture!

This dress really needed something to break up the plain white corduroy and the holly embroidery on the fabric. Once I had sewn the bodice to the skirt, I thought it looked a lot more like a nightgown than a dress! So I added the green sash and the beads to break up the white. I think it was pretty successful, don't you?

Here is the bead work in progress. Tiger tape was quite useful to mark the spacing for the beads!

The only things I changed were lengthening the skirt and omitting the facings. I bought some red Christmas fabric and made bias binding for the neckline, sleeves and hem. Since I used corduroy, I serged all the edges.

Super easy dress to make, except when you decide to add beads! 


Anonymous said...

She's just beautiful (the sweet child and her dress)! I <3 Christmas dresses! Every year I sit with the hubs' family at services and ohh and ahh over all the little cupcake dresses at the Christmas Service! I realize yours is getting a little big for "cupcakes" but still-I'm a total sucker!

MushyWear said...

The dress turned out perfect. I think the sash with the beads was a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing the link to the for the Mini Bow Tuck bag. You are right, they are cute. How is your daughter coming with it? Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!