Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Sewing Synopsis

I've noticed that many bloggers give a summary of their year's sewing.  Since this blog is supposed to be both an encouragement to me as well as a log of what I've done, I thought I'd do that, too.

For me, I think this has been a more prolific sewing year than sometimes.  I've made 1 dress for oldest dd, 2 for youngest dd, and 3 for myself; a shirt for ds, 2 bias tops (love these!), pj bottoms galore, various and assorted cupcake pincushions, a couple of purses without a pattern, Christmas tree skirt, placemats, a few muslins (good thing for those since one was definitely a wadder!), a bra, and one pair of panties.  Yes, that's pretty good. 

Did I have favorites?  Oh yes.  Definitely.  I LOVE my purple silk dupionni dress.  I really like the floral dress--it is comfortable and cool.  The bra--wow.  So comfortable that more need to be a priority.  Prettier ones though.  Beige is boring!  haha.  I also love the Christmas dress for youngest dd. 

Did I have non-favorites?  After all the time and effort, it is hard to say that I hate them, but yes.  I HATED this Vogue dress!  It looks like I was wearing a sack (I don't think I ever posted a picture of me wearing this one.).  And the elastic at the top!  ICK!  Many others made it and loved it.  Oh well.  I may recycle the fabric for this one.  Surely I should be able to squeeze out a short sleeved or sleeveless top.

So, that is that!  For the most part, I sewed successes.  Plus, I learned quite a bit about fitting and zippers.  Many thanks for all the tutorials other sewists have put on their blogs--such a help to learn about techniques or get reassurance. 

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