Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Various and Assorted Catching Up

I have several pictures this time.  First, let me apoligize for the poor picture quality.  I seem to take better pictures using ds's camera, but I know he is tired of having me ask to use it all the time.  Dh generously loaned me his, but the user obviously needs more practice:(  Sorry!  Here goes!

My son finally finished his scarf he began this winter!  He would've been finished much sooner if I could've found my crochet hooks.  Where did they go???  Here it is--didn't he do a great job?

Here is Vogue 1091 all completed!  Well, not quite.  I took this before hemming.  I'll see about posting some construction info later this week.

And here are some challenges.  sigh.  Really, what was I thinking when I decided an Ugly Fabric Challenge for our sewing guild would be fun???  Here is my challenging fabric:

And here is what my dd got:

Overall, I think I can deal with mine (and am secretly glad I didn't get something shiny and shifty!).  I got 3 yards of a very fluffy flannel that's 60" wide.  Our challenge results have to be completed by our August meeting.  The colors are definitely not me, but they would work up well for the guys in the family.  Matching shirts?  Pj bottoms?  Those are my first thoughts and this flannel is just so soft and fluffy after washing I think I'll have to do one of those for sure!  Plus, there's a lot of fabric so I want to use it up!   I still can't believe how soft and fluffy it is!  I wonder where you'd find more?

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Slipstitches said...

Wow, what a crafty family, that scarf is awesome. Vogue 1091 looks great and can't wait to see what you come up with for the plaid flannel.