Monday, May 31, 2010

Dalmatian Data

It must be time to talk about the Dalmatians.  The real ones, I mean, not the smocked ones!  They are a large part of our lives (but please don't make them a part of yours until you really and truly know all there is to know about them--they aren't for everyone despite how cute the movies make them look.).   We've had a Dalmatian(s) for a whole lotta years.  Our first one was a true classic and exhibited all the traits of the breed--major extrovert, clown, good with kids, dedicated to the whole family, and just generally a real gem.  She took her "job" seriously and let any and everyone know that she was there (a good thing when you're home alone!).  In case you missed what I mean, she barked and meant it!  Or everyone thought she meant something by it because she could look fierce but wasn't.  She loved everyone (except one person and I don't think he has turned out well.  She was a good judge of character!).

And in case you wondered why I named the blog as I did, you can probably figure it out they are ALWAYS under my feet when I sew!  Here's a spot!

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