Friday, May 14, 2010

Planning and Vogue 1091

I have actually finished Vogue 1091!  No pics yet though.  My camera and I don't seem to get along of late and borrowing one can be a challenge.  Perhaps this weekend I can do photos.  I knew this dress would be loose fitting, but not as loose fitting as it turned out!  Wow.  The love is just not happening.  It will be cool for summer--great for throwing on after a day at the beach or something like that.  Maybe I'll put even a little beach-type embroidery on one side of the bottom.  The elastic at the top on both the back and front pulls away from my body a little bit, too.  sigh.  Well, a cool beach dress is fine and not a lot invested in it since I'm still experimenting and learning about knits!

However!  The Little Hunting Creek blog had a post last week about menu planning and sewing planning.  What an aha! moment for me.  Coincidentally, I was preparing my own menus for the upcoming seven days when I read this post.  It is exactly how I do my planning for meals and it made perfect sense that I should be planning my sewing that way as well.  I guess since I have not sewn for myself in years I had not thought about planning my sewing to fulfill needs and wardrobe gaps. 

I have several little girl garments to work on for now, but I think you'll be reading more about my plans for my sewing for me!  I have some serious fabric gaps since I am mostly stocked with fabric more suitable for children's wear.    Pattern choices seem to be okay, but I'll definitely need to look them over and decide if they will help wardrobe planning.  It sounds like the closet needs to be tackled and cleaned out first!  Lists to be made, cleaning to be done!  This might be fun!

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