Friday, May 28, 2010

What a Day

Due to various and assorted Real Life Stuff, sewing certainly hasn't been happening at the rate I'd like.  So, today I thought I'd finish priming the foyer w/ help from ds.  That certainly did not go as I'd like either.  Paint, paint everywhere but NOT on the walls!!!!!!!!!!  arrrggghh!  We're still recovering and recuperating from that fiasco and it's not even mid-morning yet.  sigh.

Ds was helping w/ some brush work and he chose working near the ceiling.  Doing a good job, too.  And he's plenty old enough to be doing a good job though I don't think he's done much brush work.  Anyway, first he steps in wet paint (just don't ask!) and has zero idea why he then needs to remove his shoes.  Okay, all cleaned up and back at it.  Then, oops, pain all down the air return register...this is primer and WHITE....the air register is brown and the wood floor around it is brown, too.  (And, yes, before you ask, we were using drop cloths, but due to a brain malfunction he did not cover the air return????)  Okay, clean up again.  I can live with that, but NOT why do we need to make sure the white paint is cleaned up out of the air vent and off the grate??????  Hello in there???!!!  Is this a boy thing???

Well, he feels really bad about all the paint mess.  I just feel frustrated!  (And am truly enjoying the extra kitchen cleaning he did to make me feel better while I took a shower.)  How can it not be obvious that you can't or shouldn't leave the white paint all over those little open rectangles on the air vent?  It's not like we can go to the hardware store and get another since it's an older home and the sizes have changed--I think.   They are certainly flimsier and with all the traffic in that area that wouldn't work well either.  And we're sure as heck not going to replace the duct work!!!!  But, we're all cleaned up now and I think we're done with painting for the day.  How about some sewing instead?

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Julia said...

The last time my husband and I did some painting in our house, is the last time that my husband and I will ever do any painting in our house. I hate painting walls. I'd rather paint a picture. Anyway, he and I are both careless and messy. Just not ever going to do it again.
I'm glad you got the paint up before anything was ruined.