Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yet Another Project

Yes, another project!  No, I can't seem to finish them....but they will get there eventually.  First,  I wanted to post about a big project that is exciting, but nerve wracking, too.  Oldest dd is taking the AP Calculus exam (BC for those who know there are 2 versions!) tomorrow.  We're so proud of her just for taking the exam and at such a young age (I'm sure there are younger, but most kids are seniors).  I know she will do her very best, is well prepared, and can't wait for it to be over and done! 

In other news, I heard from Burda Style about my subscription.  They do handle it a little oddly via their website and from the comments I've gotten about it (thank you!) I should've gone through Sew Baby or Amazon.  Oh well, that's okay, this works too!  I heard from their distributor(??) in the States via email to tell me I would get a sample of the magazine followed by a bill. 

Some small bits of sewing being done on Vogue 1091 which is all I've had time to do.  A seam or two each day and it will be done...eventually!  Now if only I had the correct size of elastic...

And here's a teaser picture of yet another project I've begun:

Well, durn!  The lighting on this picture is just awful.  I'll have to try again and post it later!  Sorry!

Edited to add picture:


Slipstitches said...

Oh how wonderful, I hope she passes the exam.

Joanna said...

::good vibes:: to the girlie with the math smarts! I can safely say that I never qualified for that particular AP exam! AP English, music, history, biology, etc., yes, ANY math at all, no. Congrats!