Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Year's Blanket Project

I wrote some posts last year about our local sewing guild's community service project.  We made blankets for the infants, children and teens at our local hospital.  I thought it was worth posting about the project again because it keeps continuing!  The sewing community has got to be one of the most generous groups of people out there.  If you read the link above, we did exceed our goal of 500 blankets several months ago and like I said, that number has continued to grow into this year--we are at 599 now!  This project didn't even begin until June 2010 so it hasn't even been a year yet.  One member brought 49 blankets to me this week (and that doesn't count all the others that she did prior to this). 

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but blankets take up a LOT of space!  I'm sure you understand that as soon as I get them, they go straight to the hospital.

Sewists are amazing!