Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Dress Pictorial

Happy Easter everyone!  I didn't do Easter outfits for anyone this year, but I thought it would be fun to photograph (apparently very poorly!) some of the things I've made for past Easters.  Sorry again about the poor photography.  Anyway, this is an entirely random pull and doesn't include everything.  It does include things I've made for both dd's and only 1 thing for ds.  I assure you I made more than that for him, I just didn't see them when I was doing this!  And, after he got older, he wore his father's (very vintage!) bow ties.  Cute--no pics of that.  Here you go!

Brother/sister outfits with silk ribbon embroidery based on an old Sew Beautiful magazine.  Girl's dress is smocked (and pleated all by hand because of the gingham!) and really could've used some tatting or lace around the collar.  I didn't have any and couldn't afford to buy any either! 

Detail view of the silk ribbon embroidery insert on ds's romper.

Basic Yoke Dress with smocking, hand embroidery on collar and sleeve, with tatting around collar, sleeve, and tuck at the hem.

Detail view of the embroidery and smocking.

This really didn't photograph well at all!  It was also WAYYYY out of my comfort zone to do a loud, bold floral.  I didn't have much fabric at all and it had a flaw in it so I had to be creative, hence the eyelet around the bottom, sleeve, and neck.  The smocking about killed me as it is layered and I reduced the usual number of threads down to 2 strands (I think??).  That smocking plate was pulled rather sorta, kinda, in a way from an old issue of Sew Beautiful magazine.

Bishop dress in ivory Imperial batiste using a smocking plate from Original Designs in Smocking by Jenny Bradford  that mil gave me many years ago.  I have used that book more than any other source for smocking plates!

Bishop dress from last year.  I think this is smocked with an Ellen McCarn design.

I loved this dress!  It was featured in Sew Beautiful magazine several years ago.  I think there's was blue.  Anyway, I bought the fabric and laces while at a Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion and saw their sample dress.  It's made from silk dupioni and heavy cotton laces attached together to make the bodice.  It's hard to see the 'ribbon' along the waist here--this pic is really bad! 

Detail view of front of dress.

Back of dress.  It is closed by snaps which you then cut out motifs from the ribbon and sew on top so it covers up your stitching lines.  I thought that was a neat feature.

Basic Square Yoke Dress made in a very soft, barely pink corduroy.  Smocked in an equally pale pink with irridescent beads which was yet another plate from the Jenny Bradford book

I think you can see the beads better here!

End of pictorial!  Happy Easter!


MushyWear said...

You've made some stunning dresses for your little ones over the years!

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW look at all that handwork! I bet you've got some KILLER Easter pictures :) Seriously, how couldn't you win a cute contest with munchkins in those?!