Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Very Little Sewing... you can plainly see!  I did take my Christmas Tree Skirt and got quite a bit done on it although it isn't finished yet.

It's nearly done, but sadly we've gotten caught up in school!  Never again will we take a summer off--it is too hard to get started and it feels like there's no more time left over for me to sew!!!  After watching youngest dd on the beach, it might be time to start sewing swimsuits.  Getting them to stay on or up all the way seems impossible for store bought ones.  Next year!

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MushyWear said...

It is hard to get the routine going after a summer break, but I love the energy fall brings with new curriculum and soccer for all three boys. Busy, busy, busy...I'm mostly sewing on the weekends and holidays now and maybe an hour or two in the afternoon before soccer practice shuttles and/or after dinner! Have a great school year!