Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shop Hop

I did my first ever Shop Hop over the weekend!  Some very hard working ASG members put it together with 8 local shops ranging from home dec to sewing machines to quilting stores.  It was fun to go to each store to see what they'd put together for the Hop.  It was also fun to run into guild members at the stores.  I know I really enjoyed all of it! 

I bought 2 sets of fabrics for a placemat sew-in later this month, which are being processed in the washer :)  One set is for Halloween, including some solid black to make napkins using glow in the dark thread on the edges!  I bought a few patterns which I might either give away as gifts or sew up as gifts. I liked the tie pattern, shown on the left.  It looked quick and easy.  The middle Kwik Sew pattern looked like a good basic pattern.  And the organizer on the right is something we can all use!

Here are some freebies given out by a couple of shops.  The pattern on the left is for a Christmas tree skirt and the pumpkin fabric is a fat quarter.

I also bought yarn for the older kids to knit while we're reading aloud.  I got a brown slightly fuzzy yarn for ds and a lavender silky soft bamboo blend for dd.

The youngest dd chose some Beatrix Potter flannel to make herself some pj bottoms.  I think this will be a great project for her if I do the cutting out and pressing for her.  This stuff shrank a LOT in the wash so I'm running it through again and hoping that we'll still have enough :(

Only one store had a make it and take it project.  Who knew that a project could be sewn to completion in less than what? 3 minutes?  Of course, the fabric was pre-cut, but still.  It's a card holder made using the serger...and the strap across the front is elastic covered in heavy rayon thread using the serger (this was already done for us).  I haven't pushed the corners out all the way yet!



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looks like you had a great time!