Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christmas Tree Skirt Complete!

Well, the tree skirt is done!  It needs to be taken to the quilter for assembling the layers and quilting them.  I'll need to cut a hole for the tree and bind the edges when I get it back.  Most people who participated in the sew-in for this projected left it whole because they hated to cut into it!  I agree; it's pretty as is, but I do really want a tree skirt so I think I'll cut into mine when I get it back.

It's a great feeling to have finished something! It's a little wavy looking since I pinned it to the curtain to take the picture.

Here it is flat and folded in quarters:

Here ends my chapter (maybe it should my book!) in quilting!


Anonymous said...

You did a great job!! Look at those perfect angles and points! Don't give up on quilting just yet :)

Linda said...

Great job!

MushyWear said...

This will be so festive for the holiday! It came together beautifully. Way to go.