Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The temptation to go hog wild buying goodies at the ASG Conference Exhibit Hall was stopped with difficulty!  I managed to come home with a small assortment of fabrics and a few tools. 

First up, the fabrics:

From left to right, light blue cotton and silk (I think) blend, navy jacquard acetate slinky knit, aqua cotton oxford, blue and white cotton plaid, burgandy and silver cotton stripe.

Here's a closer pic of the slinky knit and cotton/silk(?) fabrics.  I don't usually enjoy synthetics as much, but I loved the navy with the jacquard (not sure if that's the right term) pattern on this fabric.  I got a little over 2 yards so it will be perfect for either a shirt or possibly a dress.  The stripe is destined to be a blouse for me.  I loved the little bit of shine the stripes had on the light blue.

I loved these two because I think both sides of the fabric are interesting and will sew up well using the wrong sides for details, like that blouse that was on the most recent issue of Threads magazine.  Can you see how the checks on the blue look different depending on which side is up?  And on the burgandy, the stripe is shiny on one side and matte on the other.

Finally, I have been looking at garment bags and just wanted something simple.  I saw this and thought it looked easy and I loved the fabric!  Wouldn't you know it?  I got back home and went to one of our local shops and they had the same fabric!  I don't think they had it before conference though or surely I would've noticed it???  Oh well!  They didn't have the pattern though!

As for tools, I bought a pattern notcher, Japanese hand sewing needles (rather a big assortment and very expensive), a silicone thimble (I am thimble resistant so thought it was worth a try), a point presser, and a tracing wheel and paper.  Nothing too exciting there, but they were things I can't find around here.

Any regrets?  Only one--there was a piece of nifty silk in cool colors with a wide striped pattern with lots of details on it.  Beautiful, very expensive, and I couldn't decide what to make if I bought it!  So it stayed.  Perhaps I should've bought it just to look at it!

Only one other thing comes to mind--while the exhibit hall was fantastic, I really want a one stop shopping source where I can find not just fashion fabrics, but the stuff that coordinates with them like linings and the little details that would add to the finished look of a garment (trims, neat zippers, etc).  Perhaps a trip to New York needs to be put on the ol' wish list?  Maybe one day...

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the ASG Conference posts.  It was fabulous!  I had great teachers with hands on activities (I am the type to get bored very quickly in a lecture only situation).  I've come back home energized and inspired!

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MushyWear said...

I'm with you on the trip to NY! Some day I hope to get there. Your fabrics are very pretty. I like the burgundy stripe and the navy slinky the best! Have fun sewing them up.