Friday, August 13, 2010

The American Sewing Guild Conference

If you ever have the chance to go to the ASG conference, then go!  I highly recommend it.  I've been working on getting back to real life which is so hard because I want to go sew.  sigh.  I didn't take any pictures while I was there, but do have some of the things I worked on.  I took four classes:  Bra Making, Jeans Muslin Workshop, The Little Black Dress, and a Bias Top.  The first three were all day classes, roughly from 8 to 5, with an hour lunch break.  The last one was a half day class from 8 to 12.

First up, bra making with Anne St. Clair of Needle Nook Fabrics in Kansas.  Each student needed to go in the night before to try on bra samples and be fitted in the correct size.  That night, Anne and her wonderful staff cut out ALL of our patterns for us, including any adjustments Anne thought were necessary.  When we went in the next morning, we got a little overview and general information about the process.  We also got to see what fun you can have if you make your own bra--matching bra, shirt, and panties!  How great is that??!

Our bras were plain Janes made in either beige or black.  We cut out our fabrics and got to work.  I gotta say that this class is pretty intense and busy, but there's plenty of help along the way.  Seating is assigned so that you're sitting with other women who need similar adjustments.  Anne, Janet and Grace continuously circulated around the room helping and teaching in small groups as each step came up.  It was great!  I came out with a finished bra, plus enough fabric and supplies to make two more. 

Anne considers the first bra to be a wearable test muslin so you can wear it some to be sure that it feels comfortable and fits properly.  I wore mine one day and it felt great, so I think I'm ready to enjoy some of the fun bra kits I bought!  I would've worn it more, but let me just say that the machines for this class were just AWFUL.  They are ASG owned machines which were used last year for this class (and didn't work great then either).  I sewed on them the following two days, too.  They were fine on the muslin and other fabrics but completely rotten on the stretchy silky bra knits.  The stitching across the cup seam looked rather pointy, not a beautiful look under many tops!  I had a sweater that worked fine as a test run, so I could at least give my new bra a try.  Just great!  I love it!

Since this has gotten so long, I think I will break the classes up into separate posts, so look for the other three classes later!  Here are some pics:

This shows the bra making supplies on the left, the book by Anne St. Clair (provided for class use, optional to purchase which I did), and my pattern pieces.

Finished bra!  I have extra padding in the right side to compensate for being a little lopsided.  The kids always preferred nursing on the left....sigh. 

I bought 3 matching bra and panty kits, plus a panty pattern.  From the left, a light blue cotton knit, raspberry metallic cotton knit, and a shiny stretch on the right.  Can't wait to get into these!


Joanna said...

OK now I'm SERIOUSLY coming to sewing camp! I have the HARDEST time finding bras that fit. I always have to buy larger in the band to get the cups to fit and even when you cut out fabric from the band to make it smaller it just never comes out "right." This is WONDERFUL!

a little sewing on the side said...

You sure had some wonderful choices for your classes. Sounds very productive.

a little sewing on the side said...

This sounds like a wonderful time. I'll have to look into this next year. So much talent in just a few days. I'll bet you have enough inspiration to keep you going for months!

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

I'm so jealous. I could only go to ASG one day so I couldn't take this class. I want to take it!

CarlaF-in Atlanta