Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vogue 7642

Here's the next project!  A muslin is in the works...I just hope it does work!  Adjustments will be pretty difficult given the pattern pieces, so we'll see how many changes need to be made.  The front collars (not the one around the back of the neck) is all one piece with the front which makes for a very odd looking pattern piece.  Vogue 7642 is an out of print pattern, so I wasn't able to look at other people's experiences with it. 

I'm in love with the fabric I bought for it, too.  I bought some luscious silk crepe from NY Fashion Center Fabrics.  Expensive?  Yes.  Worth it?  Yes.  Where else can you find such a nice silk, plus coordinating lining?  I'll confess as I've moved my thinking to sewing for myself (or oldest dd), I want to be able to have access to not just nice fabrics, but also coordinated linings, buttons, zippers, etc.  Being able to see and touch what I buy is important but impossible given our location--ah, the envy for those who live in fabric shopping havens!

As a side note, I am delighted to be able to use up some very old stash for the muslin--a challis of unknown content from Piece Goods!  That's old!  Remember those fabric stores?!

And, if this test muslin doesn't work, there's always Plan B!  (Whatever that is....let's hope it doesn't come to that!)


Slipstitches said...

The pattern looks great hope it all turns out well and can't wait to see the finished garment.

sewing spots said...

Thanks...I couldn't either until I made the muslin!