Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vogue 7642 muslin

Ick. The muslin is done, tried on and photographed. And it's icky. Don't you like my highly technical term? Here it is:

Maybe it's just me, but it's hard to get pictures where I want them in blogger.  Anyway, ignoring the really ugly fabric combo and the fit issues, it looks like I have a padded upper torso in the front.  Not flattering at all.  And my fashion fabric is thicker than my muslin which is only going to exacerbate the look.  The fit issues I think I could handle.  First, there's a big flappy gap of fabric around the armhole which can best be seen in the back view.  It also looks like a bit of a swayback adjustment is needed.  The whole thing looks like it needs to be hiked up a couple of inches which is most noticeable around the waist.  The side view is the most flattering and that isn't saying a whole lot.  sigh.

During construction, I like to read through or skim directions and follow (or not).  I had to actually read these carefully to figure out construction on the whole front.  It did come together just fine, but I think the directions omitted some things like snipping to dots in order to do corners and some other finagling they had you do with attaching the lining. 

I guess I should've known as I sewed along that the front was going to be bulky even if I used some lighter weight fabric as contrast it's still 4 layers...  And then it just looks awful on me.  A good thing for muslins, right?  Now for Plan B.  If only I had one...

I'll have to pull a Winnie the Pooh and put on my thinking cap on a Plan B using my nice silk crepe.  In the meantime, I have a second dress I'd already planned to make.  It's gotten great reviews about its ease of construction and flattering fit.  More on that later.

Edited to add:  Even dh said very carefully, "It makes you look...broad." 


Julia said...

It just looks too big for you. I wonder how it would fit if you took it in some?

sewing spots said...

Yes, I thought it was big in the upper area in particular, too. But because that whole front thing just isn't flattering, I think it will be some wisdom and skill gained or just a wadder, depending on how you look at it! Thanks for the comment, Julia.

Joanna said...

I still have not successfully made ANYTHING from a pattern that I will wear. I have horrible luck with patterns doing JUST that same thing on me and while I may be skilled enough to follow a pattern, I'm most certainly NOT skilled enough to FIX one on myself!

BUT that isn't you :) I have confidence you'll figure it out!

sewing spots said...

There are lots of books on fit out there--plus sewing blogs! They help a lot. But this is definitely a no go:(