Monday, February 22, 2010

Who knew that trying to write about yourself and what you do would be so hard?  Anyone else have that problem with their first blog post?  I've really enjoyed reading other sewing blogs--they're sew inspirational!  I guess it moved me to try my hand at one.  I think it will help keep me on track for my sewing efforts, too.  More ideas than time and energy!

Without further ado, onto the sewing since that's the primary focus here!  My current project is a shirt for my son out of a piece of embroidered linen that I got from Joann's.  It's ecru and has circles randomly embroidered in a light khaki, dark gray, and brown.  I'm using Simplicity 3852 in a boys' size large.  It required some modifications since my son isn't quite a men's small so I adjusted the boys' large by adding some width to the shoulders and length to the hem and sleeves. 
He loved the aqua and white muslin that I made to test the fit:) haha!

The other modification that I did was to add a yoke lining piece.  Seemed odd to not have one and it definitely makes the inside of the shirt look more finished and RTW!  I looked at David Page Coffin's book, Shirtmaking, and decided to try his customizing suggestion at the end.  It was my first try at free motion embroidery--it doesn't look terrific, but doesn't look bad either and I'm pretty pleased at being able to do a quick and easy personalization on the yoke lining piece.

I think you can sorta see the personalization on the inside yoke...I'll see about taking a better picture tomorrow.  The aqua marker doens't help either, does it?

 I think that ends my first ever blog post!  I survived (and without any help from the kids except of the *very* annoying kind!  What was up with that anyway?)

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