Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fabrics for Purses

After a small shopping expedition to a local quilt shop with a friend, I came home with two sets of fabrics to make purses.  I have the Mini Bow Tucks Purse pattern that I've been wanting to make and finally found some lovely fabrics for it.  Here's the pattern:

It's gotten rave reviews from members of the local American Sewing Guild.  I also purchased a little extra fabric to make coordinating wallets.  My oldest daughter ran off with this particular pattern as soon as I brought it home and made 2 wallets!  And then 3 more, and one more, and then she had friends over and they all made more.  Obviously a bit hit!  It's the Wonder Wallet by Lazy Girl Designs.

I really liked both sets of fabric choices.  My daughter loved the ones on the left and almost ran off with those...I loved the fabrics on the right because they don't scream 'Christmas'! but are more subtle.  I think both sets will make pretty purses and matching wallets.

I still haven't taken pictures of the personalization of my son's shirt.  I washed it and it needs ironing.  I think getting the blue markings out of it makes it easier to see the ecru on ecru stitching I did on the back yoke.  Anyway, all the shirt needs is the buttons and buttonholes!  The hardest part of all I think.

Today, I cut out a muslin for my daughter's dress.  I hope it doesn't need many fit adjustments.  Seems awfully big despite matching up her measurements.  I need to post the fabric and pattern info, but will save that for another time!  Have a good weekend!

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