Thursday, February 25, 2010

Children Sewing!

Well, already I've fallen into bad habits and haven't followed through on my next post!  I haven't taken detailed pictures of my son's shirt yet.  Life gets in the way, you know?  However, I have been working diligently on it and it's nearly done!  Finding buttons might be the biggest problem.  Our local big box sewing store didn't have a good selection.  sigh.

Onwards to other sewing though!  I have a budding sewist in the house and thought I'd share a pic of her finishing her project.  She made a fleece blanket for her baby doll.  We didn't measure the width of the fringes since I wanted her to concentrate on scissor use.  She really liked using the pins and the cutting and tying process. 

She's even been asking for her own sewing machine!  Maybe a birthday gift?  She's pretty young though, but already planning her next project--what to do with the rest of that pink fleece!

And here's one of the spots!  Kind of a strange camera perspective...

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