Thursday, May 22, 2014


This is my last catch up post from last year.  Happily, some of the items I made this year, so I guess that makes me current!  Yes!

In the fall of 2013, Sarah Veblen was here teaching a knits and t-shirt class.  We spent a large portion of time discussing knits, sewing techniques, playing with samples--really a great exploration of knits.  The rest of the class we worked on muslins.  Sarah helped each of us fit our muslins that we'd brought to class, and then transfer those changes to our patterns.  Rather a lot of work, but well worth it.  

After making a couple of them, I realized that I wear a lot of knits so I should make more.  Lots more so that I can become more proficient (speed!).  Knits have the potential to be rather challenging because each one is so very different--experience helps a lot with that.

Here is my delightful muslin in an inexpensive knit from Joann's:

Really there is no need to delve into the nitty gritty--this has orange Sharpie marker all over it, and one sleeve!  Something out of an horror movie, yes?  The biggest changes to my initial pattern were the bust dart, adding a center back seam, and adjusting the sleeve.  My initial attempt was constructed using Pamela's Patterns The Perfect T-Shirt.  I really do like her patterns!

Here is a wearable t-shirt.  It's my first attempt at one after class.  I scooped out the neckline and modified it to be a sweetheart neckline.  Threads magazine had a recent article on adjusting a neckline--most fortuitous!  I used the same cheap knit fabric from Joann's.  Unfortunately, this fabric is not holding up well at all.  I use a hand wash cycle on my front loading washer, and hang to dry.  The fabric has pilled rather substantially.  

I had some trouble with the heart portion of the neckline sticking out a bit, but it isn't nearly as bad when worn.

This pic isn't great, but I figured if I had a sweetheart neckline, then the sleeve really ought to have one as well since I made them 3/4 length.  Used a rather deep facing on this which has worked fine.

I liked my first one, so I rapidly made a second one.  I changed the sweetheart neckline so it wasn't quite as curved, and made long sleeves with a plain hem.  This fabric is a cotton/lycra from a store about an hour from me.  I love this fabric!!!  It's held up quite well to regular wear, and is quite soft.

Bad photography!  Or photographer:(  And looks wrinkled...

And, I have yet another one in the works!  I've gotten interrupted by finishing that dreadful travel set, and by heading up our sewing guild's new youth neighborhood group.  Not bad things!

Here is what the youth will be sewing later this year in response to our guild's denim challenge:

Jeans cut off and attached to gathered fabric to make a skirt.

I have really enjoyed playing around with the necklines on the knit tops.  It's a lot of fun to do, and makes each one look a bit different from the last one.

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Audrey said...

Sarah Veblen is a wonderful teacher and very skilled at fitting, isn't she? I am currently taking her pant fitting video class on I really like the sweet heart neckline you created on your T shirt, echoed with similar shaping in the rounded sleeve hem. Now that you have a well fitted T shirt pattern, you can use good knits without fear of a wadder.