Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garment Bag, Tote & Lingerie Bag 2013 & 2014

After being inspired by Mary Ray's presentation and workshop, it was obviously time for me to begin a project.  While it wasn't a skirt per Mary's class, it was nice to work on a stash item.  So I started on a pattern and pre-quilted fabric that I'd bought at the 2010 ASG conference.  Let me just say that this pattern was not great--I found the instructions rather confusing.  I started on it last year, got as far as zipper installation on the garment bag and stopped.  Since I don't have grand things to say about the pattern, I think I will skip posting information about it.

I modified the handles significantly.  I cut them in half and installed at each end instead of having them placed in the middle.  Hopefully, this will allow less garment wrinkling.

Inside view.

Tote bag, lingerie bag--both need buttons!  Top right is a snappy bag which wasn't part of the pattern set, but something I learned to make through my local sewing guild.  I can drive people up the wall rather quickly snapping my bag--fun!

All in all, the set turned out nicely and I think I will enjoy using it--if I ever get to travel!

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