Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Long Time

After more than a year without posting, it's hard to know how to begin!  I wrote 2 posts, and saved them as drafts but somehow life got in the way of actually posting them.  Additionally, I didn't sew ONE SINGLE THING from August of last year until about June of this year (unless you count a trio of humbug bags as a Christmas gift?).  To make things even worse, I didn't even read any sewing blogs, and I love reading everyone's accounts of their sewing adventures!  Now, blogger has changed some stuff, and I guess I'll have to figure it out--or not.

One thing that I like a lot about blogging is being able to go back and look at what I've sewn.  And when I made it.  So let's see if I can't get this restarted at least for those purposes!

As a brief summary and reminder to self, since my last post I made:  a bra, matching swimsuits for the girls, garment bag/tote/lingerie bag (still in progress...), a tank top, lots of t-shirt mock ups, and a real t-shirt that works!  Plus I have taken two classes with Sarah Veblen, one last year working on muslins for a skirt and a princess seam blouse and one this year working on t-shirts.  I also attended the American Sewing Guild's annual conference in August this year.  Not too bad considering I didn't really sew anything for such a long time!

I think my new smartphone will help with keeping up with posting and photos (although I confess I HATE working with pictures--saving, cropping, getting nice clear ones, etc).

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Judith said...

Welcome back! We all have days/weeks/months that seem to fly by us ~ that's life. Looking forward to you getting back behind the machine soon ... J