Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Intermission

As we did last year, we made another batch of tie dyed t-shirts for our family's annual trip to Walt Disney World.  This year, we tied our own shirts except for the hidden Mickeys on these (last year, dh did it all).    My dh is good at them, so he put one or more on each shirt.  Oldest dd got one mailed to her while we were gone as a surprise. 

After last year's faded dye look, I emailed Dharma Trading and asked about handling tie dye in a front loading washing machine.  They answered that the only thing to do differently would be to do a brief soak in very hot water in the sink using Synthrapol, then washing in the machine per the directions on a very long cycle.  Well, I guess I really wanted to NOT have the faded look again so I must've used a lot more dye in the dye soak.  These are really dark and unless the tied places were super tight, the dye bled through.  Needless to say, dh wins the prize in tying tightly...and irritatingly.  He had his wrapped around 2 PVC pipes which I don't even want to think about because let's just say that I had dye all over the kitchen with that set up!

Here they are:

From top left:  oldest dd, dh, youngest dd
Bottom: ds, mine--it had some embroidery on it which didn't dye but looks kinda neat that way.
For those who don't know and are interested, you can read more about hidden Mickeys here.

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